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Asht Mishra, Director of NCI Clinical Research Foundation

Clinical Research Summary

Asht Mishra, Ph.D. is currently the Director of NCI Clinical Research Foundation, Inc. He has over 14 years of experience in studying systems neuroscience, specifically through multimodal functional and structural neuroimaging, neuroelectrophysiology, and anatomy. He has co-authored more than 27 publications in international peer-reviewed journals of repute.

Training, Academic Affiliations and Professional Activities

03/2012-10/2017: Research Scientist, Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute of Weill Cornell Medical College, White Plains, New York, NY.
1. Paired motor cortex and cervical epidural electrical stimulation and in vivo electrophysiology in awake rodents.
2. Paired motor cortex and cervical epidural electrical stimulation timed to converge in the spinal cord promotes lasting increases in in vivo electrophysiological and motor responses.
3. Clinically relevant levels of 4-Aminopyridine strengthen in vivo electrophysiological responses in intact motor circuits in rats, especially after pyramidal tract injury.

03/2012 – Present: Visiting Research Scientist, Yale Univ., Depts. Diagnostic Radiology and Neurology.
1. Teaching fMRI, sMRI, and in vivo electrophysiology in rodent models of impaired consciousness.

07/2009 – 02/2012: Associate Research Scientist, Yale University. Mentor: Professor Hal Blumenfeld, MD, PhD and co-mentor Professor Fahmeed Hyder, PhD at the Core Center for Quantitative Neuroscience with Magnetic Resonance (QNMR), Yale University.
1. Investigation of resting state functional connectivity by fMRI in posttraumatic epilepsy rat model.
2. Temporal lobe epilepsy rat model fMRI.

05/2006 – 06/2009: Postdoctoral Associate, Mentor Hal Blumenfeld, MD, PhD at the Department of Neurology and co-mentor Professor Fahmeed Hyder, PhD at QNMR, Yale University.
1. Spike-wave seizure fMRI and electrophysiology.
2. Diffusion tensor imaging of spike-wave seizure rat models.
3. Characterization of mouse model of spike-wave
4. FMRI of temporal lobe seizures in rat.

01/2003 – 04/2006: PhD, doctoral thesis under supervision of Professor Rakesh Gupta, MD at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), India. Magnetic resonance brain imaging and spectroscopy in patients with cystic brain lesions and hepatic encephalopathy.

04/2002 – 12/2002: Molecular genotyping research, Department of Medical Genetics, SGPGIMS, India.
Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) molecular typing in kidney and bone marrow transplants.

2000 – 2002: Master of Science in Biochemistry from Lucknow University, Lucknow, India.
Advanced training in a wide spectrum of molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, biophysical, and bio-organic chemistry techniques.

Academic Affiliations

Visiting Scientist at Yale University Departments of Diagnostic
Radiology and Neurology, New Haven, CT 06520

Professional Activities:

Professional Memberships
2005-present: Member, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
2006-present: Member, New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY.
2007-present: Member, Society For Neuroscience, Washington DC.
Editorial board membership, Grant, Journal Paper, and Abstract review activities
Editor for the Annals of Neurology Case Reports.
Grant Review: Medical Research Council, United Kingdom.
Manuscript Review: Neuroradiology, Molecular Neurobiology, Journal of Neurological
Sciences, Journal of Neuroscience, NeuroImage, Experimental Biology and Medicine,
Life Sciences, Biomarkers in Medicine, Chemico-Biological Interactions, Biochimica et
Biophysica Acta (General Subjects), Toxicology.
Abstract Review: ISMRM, Society for Internet in Medicine.


01/2005 – 04/2006: Senior Research Fellowship, CSIR, India.
2005: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research & Department of Science and
Technology, India grant for attending 13th Scientific Meeting of ISMRM, Miami, FL.
2005, 2006, and 2008: Student stipend from ISMRM, CA.

By Nov. 2017, Google scholar estimates h-index to 18 (i10-index of 23) and overall impact to over 1442 citations, with most-cited paper showing over 164 citations.

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