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Doreen Cook, Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker

Clinical Summary

Doreen Cook is a psychotherapist, behaviorist and licensed clinical social worker. She provides a variety of mental health services with pediatric, adolescent and adult patients presenting with different psychiatric disorders including neurodevelopmental based disorders. As a trained Behaviorist she helps treat patients with a variety of neurobehavioral disorders and he is responsible for training caregivers in the implementation of a wide range of behavioral modification interventions and treatment plans.

Training, Academic Affiliations and Professional Activities

Leslie earned her master’s degree in Social Work and graduated Magna Cum Laude at Kean University. She is a Rutgers-certified BSW, MSW field instructor; Alzheimer’s Association certified support group facilitator; and also a Certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention trainer. She is also a volunteer for persons with developmentally disabilities and co-occurring mental illness for seven years through the Department for Persons with Disabilities People Need Friends program. .

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