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Neurocognitive Rehabilitation

We use a multi-layered treatment approach when treating cognitive disorders. Patients with various cognitive disorders are treated by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians that includes: a clinical neuropsychologist, a clinical psychologist or behaviorist, a cognitive rehab/speech language therapist and a neuromodulation clinician.

Patients admitted to the cognitive rehabilitation program enter a module based on their primary type of cognitive impairment, e.g., the Attention, Working Memory and Executive System impairment module. Each patient will receive specific treatments for this type of cognitive disorder using a combination of remedial, adaptive and compensatory interventions that have been developed at NCI for their module. In addition to this customized treatment approach for their specific cognitive disorder, all patients are placed on a cortical optimizing treatment program. This combination of using multiple treatment interventions via a team approach with the goal rehabilitating their specific cognitive disorder(s), superimposed upon a brain optimizing generic therapeutic program results in the majority of our patients (approximately 80%) attaining their goals of improved cognition, vocational or academic performance, or preventing and slowing disease progression.