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Pain Management

The NeuroCognitive Institute’s Chronic Pain Management Program

We help facilities wishing to develop a chronic pain management program. This is a multilevel interdisciplinary treatment program aimed at helping patients with chronic pain more effectively manage their symptoms, decrease their level of disability and improve the quality of their lives.

In addition to our consulting services, we can provide some or all of the clinical and administrative services necessary to operate the program.

Inclusion criteria:

duration of pain >6 months and the patients must have exercised all invasive treatment options prior to enter the program. Each individual team member (clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, physical and occupational therapist) screens the patients to determine if they are appropriate candidates for this type of program. A clinical nurse case manager oversees the patients’ treatment from admission to step-down.


The treatment program is both psychodynamically and cognitive-behaviorally oriented. Patients are educated about the physiology and psychology of their chronic pain disorder, learn to accept ownership of their pain, explore their resistances and maladaptive behaviours, as well as, are taught how to modify their lifestyle in order to live a satisfying life with chronic pain.

Treatment Levels:

The treatment is a 3-day 10-week program and patients begin at a level consistent with their treatment goals such as domestic vs. vocational. An additional 2 days a week is required if patients is planning to return to work.

Pain Management

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