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What is the difference of clinical trial and clinical research?

These are similar terms indicating that the research is being conducted with patients presenting with various disorders. All clinical research follows a pre-defined plan or protocol approved by an independent research committee (e.g. IRB) that oversee the study and ensures that the study has been designed to be as safe as possible for the participants.

At NCI, all of our patients are aware of and have access to clinical trials as a possible treatment option for their central nervous system related condition. We have a newly renovated clinical research unit at NCI. Here, we study promising new diagnostic and treatment options with our patients and their family members. Our clinical research unit (CRU) offers all the latest safety equipment and access to innovative treatments. In addition to our clinical neuroscientists, the CRU is supervised by doctors and nurses trained in critical care and internal medicine. Our clinical research unit is an integral part of the comprehensive clinical services we offer to our patients with cognitive, neurobehavioral and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Visit our Clinical Research section to know more about our current clinical trials that you or your loved one can volunteer in